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Where we can help

Where we can help

We produce tailored solutions for a wide range of industries throughout New Zealand.

  • Food & Beverage

    We are leaders in cleaning antimicrobial control solutions for food processing environments, providing more hygienic preparation areas and greater food safety. MPI Approved.
  • Agriculture

    We assist farms attain their sustainability goals with a range of powerful non-toxic solutions that help reduce or eliminate the use of unsafe chemicals.
  • Horticulture

    Whether you grow in paddocks or under glass, AWS Group has a range of certified, organic sanitising solutions, promoting greater biosecurity and better plant health.
  • Poultry

    The poultry industry has gone forward, and so have we, with BioGro-certified organic products for air, surface and egg sanitising creating healthier and safer poultry environments.
  • Aquaculture

    Each sector of this diverse category is different. Our ability to tailor hygiene and sanitation products to your precise needs will ensure compliance and reduce risk.
  • Water

    Drinking water, tank water and pools. Our non-toxic treatments neutralise microorganisms make water safer to drink, safer to swim in.
  • Wastewater

    We protect the environment with safe, non-toxic wastewater treatments and odour control.
  • Facilities

    We help businesses reduce chemical use and improve sustainability with powerful, organic cleaning and sanitising solutions for walls, floors and surfaces.
  • Marine

    Our specialist marine range provides long term protection from mould, mildew and bacteria in marine environments.
  • Automotive & Leisure

    Using amino-silane technology, our solutions disinfect and protect fabrics, surfaces and interiors of trucks, cars and caravans.

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