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AWS Group - Safer Sanitation, Better Solutions

Be sure it's the right solution for you.

Let AWS Group provide a comprehensive cleaning and sanitising solution that’s tailored to your exact needs. From cleaning and sanitising products to equipment, from auditing to staff training, we’ll provide the bespoke solution that answers every one of your needs.

Whether it’s a complete solution for a SME, or a part contract for large industry that requires our specialist knowledge and expertise, we’ll be your partner. We’ll scope, recommend and deliver a bespoke solution that we’ll back up with reliable and responsive service.

Our expertise

  • Air

    We provide multiple air treatment solutions including an exclusive all-encompassing, broad-spectrum air purification system using Envirolyte ANK neutral anolyte, along with solutions for bacteria load reduction, odour elimination and beyond.
  • Water

    Envirolyte® water treatments deactivate or destroy pathogenic micro-organisms more cost effectively and safely than traditional treatments like chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and ozone.
  • Surface

    AWS Group manufactures a comprehensive range of cleaners, sanitisers and anti-microbial surface treatments for a wide variety of applications.

The AWS way

The AWS way

Every business is different. So, we know you’ll need your own solution, not someone else’s.

We start by getting to know the full extent of your needs and finding where we can make a real difference. Our tight, highly qualified team will happily immerse itself in what you do, always adding value as our relationship develops.

Our aim is to be the ‘go to guys’ in the category, so we make professionalism and practicality the first priority. Clients also tell us we’re the most user-friendly crew on the block, which is why we have developed such strong relationships over time. It’s all about being more resourceful, more flexible, and more responsive, attributes we want clients to value as much as our expertise.

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Sustainable and safe

Sustainable and safe

At AWS Group, we aim to link our business strategies with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and endeavour to integrate sustainability into all our day to day business activities. We have formed a sustainability team to develop a cross-functional approach across our business and have partnered with thinksteap-anz to help guide us on our journey.

So far in our journey we have made the following steps forward: 

  • Promoting sustainable and safer chemical solutions, where possible.
  • Being a member of the Sustainable Business Network.
  • Reuse of wooden pallets, empty drums and jerry cans.
  • Charitable donations to numerous Helicopter trusts & Cancer Society.
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