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Sanitation Technology for:

Fogging for odour control and bacterial load reduction is a highly effective method for pathogen control. The drawback to this method is that it involves toxic chemistry which not only poses a hazard to staff and the environment but also disrupts production and process.
Our cutting edge patented Envirolyte technology delivers ANK neutral Anolyte which can be fogged in the presence of staff whilst delivering better log reductions than traditional toxic chemistry.
All organic and safe our air sanitation solutions deliver powerful non-toxic disinfection and odour control to a wide range of industries, including Food Processing, Cheese Plants, Agriculture, Horticulture, Dairy and many more.

Water disinfection requires the removal, deactivation and killing of pathogenic microorganisms. Microorganisms are destroyed or deactivated, resulting in the termination of growth and reproduction.
AWS Group provides powerful solutions that are safer and more cost effective than Chlorine, Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide and other forms of common chemistry; yet remaining completely non-toxic. Applications include Drinking Water, Waste water treatment, Livestock, Poultry, Agriculture, Horticulture, Produce Washing and Aquaculture.

Surface cleaning and sanitation for high risk areas demand solutions that perform to the highest standards. AWS Group through the use of innovative technologies produce a comprehensive range of leading edge antimicrobial cleaners, sanitisers and surface treatments.
With a core focus on sustainability without compromising performance, our solutions aim to reduce industry dependence on toxic and harmful chemistry by delivering powerful alternatives.

Our History

AWS Group

AWS Group was formed to merge the Envirolyte and Sanitas brands under a single entity. This merger aligns with the groups strategic intention to further increase brand range and unique value offerings to the markets within which it operates.

What We Do

Leading Edge Applications

AWS develops, manufactures and distributes leading edge, sustainable and more environmentally friendly sanitation, cleaning and hygiene solutions for air, water and surface applications.


With a strong focus on product innovation through the applied use of new and emerging technologies, AWS Group aims to offer a unique and sustainable point of difference with every product manufactured and distributed.

Collaborative Consulting

Through collaborative consulting AWS Group works with all types of industries and businesses providing not only safer alternatives to toxic chemistry but better performing ones.

International Distribution

Servicing Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, AWS Group has a comprehensive distribution network to ensure products and services are available to meet market demand.

Specialised Sectors


100% non-toxic ANK Neutral Anolyte for Pools, Drinking Water and Tank Water Treatment.


Protecting the environment with safe, non-toxic Wastewater Treatment and Odour control.


Helping businesses reduce chemical use and improve sustainability with powerful and safe cleaning and sanitising solutions for floors, walls and surfaces.


Specialised solutions for long term protection from mould, mildew and bacterial growth within marine environments.

Leisure & Automotive

Our amino-silane technology delivers solutions that disinfect and protect fabrics, surfaces and interiors of trucks, cars and caravans.

Food & Beverage

MPI Approved, Independently verified & certified sanitation solutions for food processing industries. AWS Group provides unsurpassed antimicrobial control for food safety and redline hygiene areas whilst promoting safer more sustainable environments.

Education - Early Childhood

Alcohol free and without any toxic or harmful chemistry, our solutions powerfully and safely protect children's hands and surfaces against viruses, germs and bacteria.


Dairy Maintenance Compound approved and certified, AWS Group provides a range of products that assist Farms with sustainability goals through the reduction and elimination of environmentally unsafe chemicals.


Organically certified and approved, ANK Neutral Anolyte leads the way in efficacy and log reductions for produce sanitising. 100% non-toxic and safe, it can be produced on-site for larger produce washing operations.


Poultry approved and BioGro certified organic products for egg, surface and air sanitising operations. Creating healthier and safer poultry environments.


Approved and certified products for use within Fish and Aquaculture industries. Non toxic and safe solutions to enhance sustainability goals whilst improving hygiene and sanitation across the food chain.